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The more things change.....the more they stay the same.

It's been a very strange few months for everyone, and we are still in uncertain times. Exams were cancelled, to be examined later in the year....fingers crossed!! I have to say, the one thing I've craved is a sense of normality and I hate hearing that 'this is the new normal'. The one thing that will always remain normal for me however, is how my love for music has gotten me through some very tough times. I hope this has been the same for many of you over this past while. Whatever the future holds in how we have our lessons, there are a few things, both for the students and indeed the parents, that I hope will remain the same!!

I found this little article on line when I was reading a while back and I thought it was great. While it's never going to be an exact science, it hits the nail on the head for the most part, stresses the need for hard work, praise for all the efforts and most of all, that the student is happy!!

Happy teacher/Happy student/Happy parent

Students should:

§ be willing to try new things, and new ways of doing old things

§ listen to directions from your teacher and follow them at home

§ read your assignment notes over at home each week

§ enjoy the songs you are learning

§ have a respectful attitude

§ practice faithfully, and record it in your assignment book

§ smile a lot

§ tell the teacher frequently that you love piano lessons!!

§ always bring all your books to your lesson

§ participate in studio activities

§ take good care of borrowed books and return them on time

Parents & Guardians should:

§ offer your child support, incentives and encouragement at home

§ set aside practice space and time in your child’s schedule

§ say uplifting things about piano lessons in front of your child

§ provide an adequate instrument on which to practice

§ keep your expectations high, but fairly close to reality

§ help your child participate in studio activities and recitals

§ respond to studio emails in a timely manner

§ rarely cancel lessons, and call ahead on those rare occasions

§ drop off and pick children up on time

§ call me when you have a concern or problem so we can resolve it

§ remember that your kids thrive on praise!!

Stay safe everyone and keep enjoying your music.

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