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  Individual Lessons    

Individual lessons are offered in piano, singing and theory.  Students who are attending for piano lessons are taught theory as part of their class, but we also offer separate classes for those just wishing to attend for theory to improve their levels.

We provide tuition at all levels, and students are given an opportunity if they wish to prepare for exams.

Sheet Music Edits
Bridging course for Leaving Certificate Music

This course has been specially designed for students wishing to study music for Leaving Certificate, whether or not they have studied it at Junior Cycle. Students will study all elements needed for the composing module for leaving cert. Students engage in a comprehensive study of the orchestra including score reading and the many genres and eras of music including an introduction to Irish music not covered at Junior Cycle anymore. We also cover the music technology module for leaving certificate. It is the perfect course to equip you with all you need to study music successfully for Leaving Certificate. 

Leaving Certificate Music

This is a two year course and is designed for the student taking music as an extra subject outside of their school programme.  Students who require extra help in school are also welcome. We cover all areas of the composition and listening components in class. Students can organise lessons with our practical teachers in the run up to exams if they require any assistance with their performance. We hold mock exams and mock practical is organised with an experienced Department of Education examiner for our students near to exam time which has proven to be very helpful for the students.  Music Technology is also taught at leaving certificate for those students wishing to take it instead of a second instrument for their practical.


The pre-instrumental course is designed to promote music skills in the young child and is suited for school going children from junior infants to 1st class. The idea is to awaken the child’s interest in music through melody, beat and rhythmic skills, develop the inner ear and musical memory aid in performance activities. Most importantly, it is to nurture an enjoyment and love for music while progressing them towards instrumental training and tuition. 

Big Kid Zone

Well we often hear from parents that their little ones struggled with the theory homework but ‘I couldn’t help them…sure I know nothing about music’…..SO…why not change that!!  An adult only theory class is available with the sole aim, to make it easier for parents ‘get in tune’ with their children!!  So come on….sign up and discover your inner big kid!!

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